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Back flow Prevention at Your Hose Bib

Health officials believe that thousands of people become ill because of contaminated water every year. Most folks think it is the stomach flu or food poisoning when contaminated water is the real culprit.Around your home, you must always separate drinking … Continue reading

The Patio Screen Door is Stuck

Sticking, rubbing, cheap, nasty, impossible patio screen door! Well, the door takes a beating, and most patio screen doors are not the highest quality. But often there is a fix. Most sliding patio screen doors can be unstuck with a … Continue reading

Is Your Roof Worn Out?

Should you care about wear and tear to your roof? You betcha. A worn roof at the end of its life span is prone to leaks. You don’t want to deal with damage caused by roof leaks, and you don’t … Continue reading

Inside Info on an Outdoor Fixture

Here’s a bit of fix-it trivia for you: the exterior faucet to which you connect lawn hoses is called a hose bib. You can toss out this technical term to impress friends and neighbors, right? Whatever you call it, keep … Continue reading

Reviving a “Dead” Garbage Disposal

Dead garbage disposal? Usually, it’s easy to bring this gadget back to life. Take a look at the illustration and follow these simple steps. Does the disposal “hum” when the switch is on? If not, most likely the problem is … Continue reading

No “Ding-Dong” Sound at the Bell

How annoying…that front doorbell only works from time to time, and you never know whether someone is there. You don’t want to call an electrician for such a small job. Hey, it’s often a quick fix — just replace the … Continue reading

How to Fix a Sinking Sidewalk

A sinking sidewalk is bad news for you and your guests. Where the pavement is uneven, someone’s bound to trip eventually. Pavement sinks because exterior concrete is always on the move. Soil settles. Moisture moves soil up and down. In … Continue reading

Tell Me More About GFCI Outlets in My Home

Ever noticed that some electrical outlets have a red and a black button in the middle? You’re looking at a GFCI — a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This sophisticated device senses any current leaking through and immediately shuts off the … Continue reading

Finding Studs Using Construction Clues

If you think “finding studs” is something gals do in a singles bar, you’ve come to the wrong column. We’re talking wall framing studs. Every once in a while, you need to locate studs in a wall, like when you … Continue reading

Save Money with a Filter Change

Maintaining the filter on your air conditioning and heating equipment isn’t fun or glamorous. So why bother? Because a clean filter allows for proper air flow, and that makes the equipment run efficiently, saving you money. Also, a clean filter … Continue reading