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Fireplace Maintenance and Safety

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Is your fireplace safe? A fireplace is a comfortable place for the family to gather around during a cold winter. Statistics show that fireplaces and chimneys cause over 23,000 serious domestic fires every year in the United States, resulting in over $110 … Continue reading

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Home Inspector Licensing

Do I have to be licensed to be a home inspector? home inspector licensing is required in many states in order to conduct a home inspection for a fee.  Virginia and Maryland have licensing requirements, the inspector must be licensed by the … Continue reading


Students pursuing a degree in engineering are encouraged to apply for our intern position. Qualified intern candidates will have an interest in construction, real estate, or home inspection. Candidates should be detail oriented, familiar with Microsoft Office and Notepad, and … Continue reading


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Do I Need an Inspection, Even if the Property Looks Like It’s in Great Condition?

Not all problems will be apparent just by the appearance of a property. This makes it incredibly important to always have inspection services done regardless of whether or not you believe it’s necessary based on physical appearance alone. Additionally, the … Continue reading

What Should I do if the Report Identifies Problems?

No report will be perfect because no property is without its problems. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase the property either. It should simply serve as a guide regarding where current or potential problems lie and where you might … Continue reading

When is the Right Time to Contact an Inspector?

Often, a property inspection is done right after a contract or purchase agreement is made. It’s vital that this agreement include a clause making final obligation contingent on the home inspection findings because it offers you protection in case major … Continue reading

Is it Possible for a Property to Fail Inspection?

It isn’t possible for a property to fail an inspection because the inspection is simply meant to evaluate the current condition of a property. This means that in your report, you can expect information about a property’s physical condition and … Continue reading

Why Can’t I Conduct an Inspection on My Own?

Many property owners are tempted to conduct inspections on their own, however most lack the expertise and knowledge necessary to properly inspect a property. Engineers from NextDay Inspect are highly trained to evaluate a property’s construction, installation, maintenance, and safety. … Continue reading

How Much do Property Inspections Typically Cost?

The cost of any property inspection will differ based upon the location, size, age, and other factors specific to your residential or commercial space. Of course, you might also incur additional expenses if you take advantage of other services that … Continue reading