Home Inspector Licensing

Home inspector licensing requirements are met by all Inspectors at NextDay InspectDo I have to be licensed to be a home inspector?

Home inspector licensing is required in many states in order to conduct a home inspection for a fee.  Virginia and Maryland have licensing requirements, the inspector must be licensed by the corresponding State. The licensing requirements for different States are different, but both Virginia and Maryland require a prelicensing education of 70 to 80 contact hours.

Our affiliate NVRE University is State licensed professional education provider.  NVREU provides the full scope of home inspector training and pre-licensing education both online and in a classroom setting.

For more information and to enroll in a class contact NVRE University at (703)444-3820 or visit them at  NVRE University.

Upon completion of the home inspection training and passing the National Home Inspector Examination administered by PSI, the student can apply with NextDay Inspect for field training as Intern Inspector,  selected trainees will be offered employment at NextDay Inspect.

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