Appliance Recall Check Report

Know What Appliances Are Under Recall

The appliance recall check report will let you know what appliances that have any outstanding safety or functionality recall. If a potential recall is located, a report will be issued to the client and the agent. The report will contain the following information.

– The Reason for the Recall
– Location(s) the product was sold
– How to Have the Item Repaired/Replace for Free

Stainless steel appliances

NextDay Inspect Offers Appliance Recall Check Reports as an Add-on to Home Inspection

Should I Get An Appliance Recall Check Report?

Maybe you want to know if any of the appliances in your new home are currently under recall. Knowing that the appliance might be currently under recall due to potential safety or functional issues can help you make a better-informed decision to buy your new home. You will also receive a monthly report that will let you know if there are any new recalls for your home appliances.

Product recall report

Take a Look at a Sample Report

Get an idea of the format and items that would be listed under a Permit History Report.