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Resources For You

Are you looking for some home maintenance tips? NextDay Inspect® provides a wide variety of tips for you that can save some time and money. These tips range from a stuck sliding door to potential foundation issues.

If you are in the process of buying a new property, getting a home inspection will be critical to making an informed decision about your potential home. For owners, a home inspection can help expedite the process and improve the marketing of their home

Real Estate Agent works together with a home inspector to ensure their client’s interest and investment are protected. Agents are critical to the real estate process.

Real Estate Investors should always consider getting a home inspection. They will be armed with the knowledge of the property’s defects and more accurate estimates from contractors.

Have you scheduled a home inspection? Are you looking to sell your home? We provide these checklists for you to review. Be prepared, whether you are buying a new property or selling your home.

Need a preview of how our home inspection report look? We offer sample reports for you to review so you can see what our home inspection reports have to offer.

At NextDay Inspect®, we like to enhance your home inspection experience. After a home inspection, we offer two home maintenance books for $12. These two home maintenance books will provide assistance with various tips and recommendations at your home. 

Homes inspected by NextDay Inspect qualify for over $12,000 of home warranties at a price of $30. Safeguard the investment of your new home by adding home warranties to your inspection.