Professional Home Inspectors

Our inspectors are equipped with industry leading software for home inspection report writing, file management and office communications. The systems and tools our inspectors are equipped with serve to assist in their success as a home inspector.

We Encourage Our Inspectors to Aim High in Their Home Inspection Careers. 

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We Are a Proud V3-Certified Company and Welcome Veterans to Join Our Team

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Hiring Inspectors

Professional Home Inspectors

Flexible & Rewarding Career Opportunities for Experienced Home Inspectors. 

We are Actively Hiring Home Inspectors in Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.

Make More From Your Career

Prompt & Frequent Communication is a Core Value That Our Teams Share.

Office Team, Inspector Team and Management all Value Communication to Ensure Everyone is on the Same Page. We Believe Communication is the Most Valuable Tool at Our Disposal.

Why Join NextDay Inspect®?

A Summary of Benefits that Home Inspectors at NextDay Inspect® will receive

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support team handles all client and agent communications. Our inspectors can focus on completing their home inspection reports.

Marketing/Advertisement at no cost

NextDay Inspect® provides marketing material to our inspectors at no cost. We will also take care of all marketing initiatives for our inspectors.

Work Flexibility

We believe a work-life balance is vital to employee satisfaction. Inspectors can have a customized work schedule that can be adjusted to fit your style.

Inspector Development

Expand your knowledge on different types of inspections, such as pre-drywall and commercial inspections. You will acquire new skills related to inspections such as environmental testings.

As You Begin Your Career, You Will Acquire New Skills Related to Inspections

Level 1 Home Inspector
Residential Inspector
Level 2 Home Inspector
Residential & New Construction Inspector
Level 3 Home Inspector
Residential, New Construction, & Commercial Inspector
Level 4 Home Inspector
Residential, New Construction, Commercial, & Environmental
Level 5 Home Inspector
Residential, New Construction, Commercial, Environmental, & Specialty

Home Inspectors at NextDay Inspect® Will Enjoy These Perks and Benefits

  • Dedicated Support for Inspectors Include
    • Office Team Handles All General Inquiries from Clients and Agents for Inspectors
    • Senior Staff Inspector Provides Training and Quality Control Review on Home Inspectors Reports
    • Technical Support Team Provides Assistance to Inspectors on Software Platforms Utilized by NextDay Inspect®
    • Marketing & Advertising Team Handles All Marketing Initiatives for Inspectors
    • Scheduling & Coordinating Team Handles All Appointment Setting for Inspectors
  • A Precision Approach to Home Inspections
  • Home Inspector Software – Home Inspector Pro
  • Access to Industry-Leading Software to Manage Availability & View Scheduled Inspections
  •  Home Inspector Related Professional Development Assistance
    • Inspectors are encouraged to replenish their knowledge and acquire new skills that will benefit both them and the company. We provide and promote training with programs in both Home Inspection and Environmental Inspection Services.
  • $2 Million in insurance coverage including Errors & Omissions (E&O) and General Liability Insurance
  • Full-Time Inspectors are Eligible to Receive Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Full-Time Inspectors are Eligible to Receive Paid Time Off
  • Retirement Account Matching Available for Full Time Inspectors

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We are always looking for licensed home inspectors in Northern Virginia and Richmond, Virginia. As property inspectors, you will provide a top to bottom inspections. You might be asked to do thermal imaging, moisture evaluation, radon testing, and other add-on services for our clients.

Skyline of Richmond in Virginia


Are you a certified home inspector living in Pennsylvania? We are specifically looking for certified home inspectors in York, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, and the Hanover area. You will be inspecting both the exterior and interior of a property from the roof to the crawlspace. Additional services such as moisture evaluation might be performed too.

Pennsylvania Railroad Suburban Station building facade


NextDay Inspect is looking to expand their service areas. We are currently looking for licensed property inspectors in Delaware, specifically, the Wilmington, Dover area. We also are looking to hire licensed inspectors living in the North Dover areas, as well. Our inspectors will perform a top to bottom inspection, and additional services may be performed too.

Legislative Hall of Delaware


We are currently hiring licensed home inspectors in Maryland. In Maryland, we perform both residential and commercial properties. Both of these inspections will be top to bottom inspections. You will also perform additional services such as thermal imaging if the client asks for it.

Baltimore Harbor area

Washington D.C

We are recruiting home and commercial inspectors in all of the Washington D.C area. As an inspector in D.C, you will be performing exterior and interior inspections and helping the client and agents know more about the property being inspected. You might perform additional inspection services if the client needs it.

State Capitol building in Washington DC

West Virginia

NextDay Inspect is currently looking for licensed home inspectors in our neighboring state, West Virginia. Very similar to the other service areas, you will be providing a top to bottom home inspection. You might be asked to perform additional add-on services as well, such as thermal imaging and moisture evaluations.

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