Residential Home Inspections

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Purchasing a home is a large step in life. When scheduling your residential home inspection, it is important to have the peace of mind that the residential home inspection is going to be detailed and thorough. Evaluating the different aspects of the interior and exterior of your property is at the core of the NextDay Inspect® services. Our home inspectors will inspect the following:

– Appliances
– Electrical
– Garage
– Interior
– Kitchen
– Exterior
– Plumbing
– Roof
– Structural

Home Inspections

We Do We Check In Our Home Inspections?

In a Residential Home Inspection

Our home inspectors will evaluate all structural and system components of the house from top to bottom, from the roof to the foundation of the home. Our home inspectors accurately identify all potential issues and pinpoint which ones require immediate action.

Washing Machine

Appliances, Appliances, Appliances.

Our home inspectors will inspect and operate all built-in appliances located within the property. We want to make sure your appliances will not fail to warm up your dinner for a evening spent at home or a clean set of clothes for your next day at work.

Interior of Home

Interior Spaces.

If it’s accessible, we will check every nook and cranny in your home. Our home inspectors are trained to inspect all areas of the home in granular detail so we can provide you the comprehensive report.

Exterior Spaces.

Professionally trained home inspectors provide a thorough analysis of your home including proper installation, construction and functions of the various components of the exterior. We don’t just operate on the bare minimum, we go beyond the specifications to ensure our reports are backed by thorough and accurate information.  

Kitechen Sink


All plumbing fixtures are assessed for water pressure, drainage issues, and visible leaks. Our home inspectors are trained to identify all potential problem areas and pinpoint which ones require attention.

Roof of a House


Our home inspectors will assess the condition of different components of the roof including proper function, evidence of leakage, missing components, worn/damaged components.

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Why Have a Residential Home Inspection?

Having an accurate and unbiased assessment of your home’s condition will provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision about your future investment.

Once you are provided your home inspection report, save time with an addendum of items and their cost estimates by ordering a Repair Estimate Report

Items Inspected By NextDay Inspect® 

(Exterior and Roof are not Included for Condo Inspections)

Items Inspected by NextDay Inspect® Include

Single Family Detached Home


Our inspectors will evaluate the roof of the home using specialized tools. Looking for any damage or improper installation.


The windows are inspected to ensure they open and close properly and the tilt function works. The window trim is evaluated for any wood rot, and the window panes 


The inspector will operate the doors to ensure they open and close properly and latch. Interior doors will also be inspected to ensure they are square and not out of alignment.

4858 Sycamore Circle

Material: Carbon


The inspector will operate the garage to test for functionality and safety including items such as auto-reverse and fire-rated entry door to the home with auto-closure.

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