Four-Point Inspection

A Four-Point Inspection Focus on Four Big Ticket Items In Your New Home

A four-point inspection will look at four major components of a home. This is not the same as a full home inspection. Insurance companies will often ask for this type of inspection for older homes as their components are more likely to fail than newer homes. They will generally ask for a four-point inspection if the property is 25+ years old to see the current condition of the components. Four-Point inspections are also needed by insurance companies to obtain or maintain your home insurance policy. A four-point inspection can also be done for pre-offer scenarios. The client can use this inspection to help identify the condition of the components before putting an offer on the home. The four systems that are inspected are

– Electrical: Wiring and Panels
– Plumbing: Connections and Fixtures
– Roof

Before scheduling, please check with your insurance company if something specific is needed in the report.

What Happens during a Four-Point Inspection?

The inspector will inspect the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and roof systems in detail. The duration for the on-site inspection of a four-point inspection will be less than that of a full home inspection as the inspector will only be evaluating these components of the home.

What to do after a Four-Point Inspection?

Once the inspector finishes the on-site inspection, a report will be generated and delivered to you by email. The report will provide more insight on the condition of the systems inspected. Any defects found at the time of the inspection will be indicated within the report. Once equipped with the knowledge of the condition of these systems, you will be able to proceed with confidence.

Four-Point Inspections

What Our Inspector Searches For.

Electrical Wiring and Panels

The inspector will check the age and the condition of the electrical wiring and panels. They will note any defects found at the time of the inspection

Plumbing Connections and Fixtures

The Inspector will check the age and the condition of all plumbing connection and fixture and note any defects found during the inspection.


The inspector will check the age and the condition of the HVAC system and note any defects found during the inspection


The inspection will check the roof from the outside noting any exterior defects found. For the interior, they will check using the attic and note any defects found.

Take a Look at a Sample Report

Get an idea of the format and items that would be listed under a Four Point Inspection.