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Are you a current or new home owner? NextDay Inspect® provides tips for you that can save you some time, money and energy. These tips range from selling your home to fixing the knocking and thumping sounds in your walls and basement.

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Manufactured Housing and Standards

The term “manufactured home” was adopted in 1980 by the the U.S. Congress to describe a type of house that is constructed in a factory to comply with a building code developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In the past, manufactured homes were called “mobile homes,” a term that many people… Read More »Manufactured Housing and Standards

Log Home Basics

Log homes may be site-built or pre-cut in a factory for delivery to the site. Some log home manufacturers can also customize their designs. Before designing or purchasing a manufactured log  home, you need to consider the following factors for energy efficiency. The R-Value of WoodIn a log home, the wood helps provide some insulation. Wood’s… Read More »Log Home Basics

Lead Facts

Did you know the following facts about lead?  FACT: Lead exposure can harm young children and babies even before they are born. FACT: Even children who seem healthy can have high levels of lead in their bodies. FACT: You can get lead in your body by breathing or swallowing lead dust, or by eating soil or… Read More »Lead Facts

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