Termite Inspections

Don't Wait On Getting a Termite Inspection

When purchasing a property, it is always good to make sure to get a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection, or more commonly known, a termite inspection as they can cause major structural damage to the property. Our termite inspector will look for any current and previous signs of termite or other wood destroying organism in the property

Our Inspector will look for:

– Termites
– Carpenter Ants
– Carpenter Bees
– PowderPost Beetles
– And other wood destroying organisms

termite nest at wooden wall

NextDay Inspect Offers Termite Inspections as an Add-on to Home Inspections 

wooden brown e
dead termites on crack wood

What Happens during a Termite Inspection?

Termite Inspections will help home buyers or homeowners see if there are any signs of termite or any other wood destroying organisms at the property. They will also note if any previous treatments were done for these organisms. The last thing that any home buyer or homeowner wants is a wood destroying organism infestation.

What to do after a termite Inspection?

Once our termite inspector finishes his inspection, you will receive a report from us about whether the inspector found signs of termite or wood destroying organisms in the property. The termite report will also advise the recommended treatment for your property

Wood Destroying Organisms

What Our Termite Inspector Searches For.


Termites burrow deep into the wood. They can do extensive damage to the interior structure of the home.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bee bore into wood. They generally like areas such as your deck. They like to create circular holes inside the wood.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants builds nest inside of wood and can cause major structural damage to the property.

PowderPost Beetles

Powderpost Beetles bore into wood and will reduce it to a fine powder. They like to create small holes in your wood.

Take a Look at a Sample Report

Get an idea of the format and items that would be listed under a Termite Inspection.