Repair Estimate Report

Know More. Stress Less

The Repair Estimate Report enables you to negotiate faster by providing cost estimates for items in your inspection report

Request to add the Repair Estimate Report to your inspection order by contacting NextDay Inspect.

Details from your inspection are used to create cost estimates that agents and clients can use during their negotiation process.

Report is delivered to you to review the estimates and discuss how to best handle the repairs.

What is the RER?

The Repair Estimate Report uses the details from your inspection report summary to create cost estimates you and your agent can use to negotiate. The RER can save you time, energy, and stress during this post-inspection process.

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How long does it take?

Once the request for a Repair Estimate Report has been submitted, the report  will be delivered as an itemized list of estimates based on your inspection report in 2 Business Days after your Home Inspection Report has been completed.

Contact us below to upgrade and receive your report in 2 Business Days.

Take a Look at a Sample Report

Get an idea of the format and items that would be listed under a Repair Estimate Report.

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