Repair Estimate Report

What is a Repair Estimate Report?

A repair estimate report uses details from your home inspection report to create cost estimates that can provide more leverage when negotiating with the seller. We’ve partnered with Porch to bring this service to you. The report shows an organized yet simple summary with defective and cosmetic breakdown. The RER can save you tedious amounts of work and help negotiate with the seller more efficiently

How Does a Repair Estimate Report Work?

  • Request a Repair Estimate Report

    Your Request will be sent to Porch. There will be cost as this report is prepared by Porch. You will receive this report within 48 hours

  • An Itemized List Will Be Created

    The experts at Porch will deliver an itemized list of estimates for you to review, based on your inspection report summary.

  • Create a Repair Request Addendum

    Once you receive the estimates, you and your client or agent can create a repair request addendum

  • Review Repair Estimates

    You can review the estimates with your client or agent, and discuss how to best handle the repairs.

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