Annual Home maintenance Inspection

As a homeowner, you want to make sure everything in your home is in working order. Like cars, homes require regular care and maintenance as parts of your home will wear out or break down. Get an Annual Home Maintenance Inspection every year to ensure your home stays in good condition.

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Is It Any Different From A Regular Home Inspection?

No. It is very similar as a regular home inspection. We will be performing a top to bottom inspection and note in the report of any defects found during the inspection. 

The inspector will perform a visual inspection of the following components:

– Appliances
– Electrical
– Garage
– Interior
– Kitchen
– Exterior
– Plumbing
– Roof
– Structural

This inspection will make sure that everything in your home is in working order. A second set of eyes can help prevent long term and expensive issues from arising. It can save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

An annual inspection can help you catch problems before they become unmanageable, giving you peace of mind and critical updates on the state of your home. 

Not sure how much repairs will cost you? Pair an annual home inspection with a Repair Estimate Report, and receive a digital report containing repairs costs for elements in your home, item by item.

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