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Walk and Talk Consultations provide you with quick, professional insight

When it’s a sellers’ market, home buyers and their agents can have a tough time making appointments and informed decisions on their potential future homes.

Our consultations allow home buyers and agents to maximize the benefit from the limited time they have at a for-sale home.

Let a trained professional walk through with you and point out anything that you may want to know about during your showing. Make the most out of your visit and have our inspectors check only what you want to know about most.

Ongoing inspection with inspector and client

While Scheduling, Please Let Us Know The Time Duration Of Your Walk Through.

Walk & Talk consultation with family
Walk & Talk Consultation

What is a walk and talk consultation?

Walk and Talk Consultations are a new service offered by NextDay Inspect. If you don’t have enough time for a full home inspection, or if you’re browsing the market for multiple homes at once, our consultations can help you learn exactly what you want to know about a home before you buy it. 

True to the name, our inspectors will walk with you and provide you with a trained eye on the parts of the home that you’re most concerned about. 

Why schedule a Walk and Talk?

In a seller’s market, buyers don’t always have the luxury of choice when it comes to home inspections. Our consultations provide buyers with the leverage they need to make an informed decision on a new home before they sign their contract.
Our consultations generate no written reports. This means unlike with a general home inspection, you’ll spend no time waiting after your appointment.
Finally, our consultations come at a special reduced price. Call and ask our team for a quote on a Walk and Talk today!