Environmental Services

NextDay Inspect® Provides The Following Environmental Services

If you have any concerns with potential mold growth in your property, we can do a mold inspection for you. We use a moisture meter and infrared camera to help identify active leaks or areas with the potential for water intrusion.

Radon is an odorless, radioactive gas that can cause severe health problems, such as lung cancer. We use a continuous monitoring system that will provide you an hourly reading of your radon levels in your home.

NextDay Inspect® provides air quality testing so that you are aware of pollutants that are commonly found in indoor air and can cause many harmful effects.

Electromagnetic Fields or EMF for short,  emissions are a growing concern as we continue to electronics. We are able to provide this service if you have any concerns about EMF emissions in your house.

Termite can cause major structural damage to any property. It is best to get a termite inspection so that you know of any current or previous signs of termite or wood destroying organism activity.

Water Quality & Potability  testing determines if the water from your home is safe to drink. We also test for Water Turbidity, which is the measure of clarity of the water.

Adequate water flow at a residential property is an important factor when buying a properly. An inadequate water flow can lead to living uncomfortably and unsanitary living conditions.

Asbestos Testing determines if there any types of asbestos in the building materials of your home. When asbestos is damaged or disturbed, the fibers can enter the respiratory tracts and damage the lungs.

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