Mold Testing

Mold Testing

Get Mold Testing to Determine Presence of Mold

Mold is organic growth in the building; moisture is the main cause of mold present in a building. At NextDay Inspect, we provide mold testing for those who suspect there is mold in their property. Our mold inspector will take either an air sample or a swab sample to send to the lab, where they will determine the presence in an area or a surface

The types of mold we test for are: 

– Alternaria
– Bipolaris/Drechslera
– Cladisporium
– Curvularia
– Nigrospora
– Other Ascospores
– Other Basidiospores
– Penicillium/Aspergillus
– Pithomyces
– Myxomycetes
– Torula

Mold on the window in the house

Only One Primary Area of Concern in the Property is Tested for Mold. There is an Additional Charge for Each Area Beyond the Primary Area.

What Happens during a Mold Test?

The mold inspector will take the mold sample by air or swab in the primary area you are concerned with. The mold inspector will also take an outside control sample alongside the primary area. Once the mold inspector completes his mold testing, it will be sent to a lab for analysis and determine if there is mold in the primary area of concern.

What to do after a Mold Test?

Once the mold inspector completes the test, the samples will be mailed to the lab. A mold report will be delivered within 5-7 business days after the mold samples are obtained. The mold report will convey the lab findings and determine if the level is elevated or not. If elevated mold spore content was found, the report will identify which types of mold were present within the tested areas.
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Mold Testing

What Our Mold Inspector Uses For Mold Testing.

Air Sample

Air samples will be taken in the primary area and any additional area if requested. Laboratory analysis will indicate if there is presence of mold growth and the types and amount of mold spores in the air

Swab Sample

Swab samples can also be taken of visible growth on surfaces. Laboratory analysis will indicate whether or not there is growth is mold, and provide details on the specific type and amount.

Take a Look at a Sample Report

Get an idea of the format and items that would be listed under a Mold & Moisture Testing Report.