Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) Inspection

EIFS or synthetic stucco is a waterproof material, has insulations and weather protection. This makes it a very attractive material for home buyers. However, there are many issues with synthetic stucco.

-Thin and Brittle
-Prone to surface cracks
-Once Water/Moisture is trapped inside, it cannot escape

The last issue is a major reason why EIFS can cause extensive damage to a home. Without the proper tools, you would not be able to detect moisture within your walls. This leads to wood rot, moisture damage, and mold growth

Synthetic Stucco Home
EIFS Inspection Type

Should You Get An EIFS Inspection?

An EIFS inspection is intended to identify areas of high moisture content in the sheathing and framing. We will look for damages and test for levels of moisture in a home. We are unable to perform this inspection when the weather is raining since it is being tested for moisture. Getting a EIFS inspection will ensure you are able to identify moisture intrusion.

Why get a EIFS inspection?

You should get a EIFS inspection because:

  1. To Check for Moisture Levels & Intrusion
  2. To Check for Improper Installation and Sealing
  3. To Avoid Time Consuming & Costly Repairs
  4. Identify Areas of Improvements

Check for moisture levels & intrusion

Checking for moisture levels and intrusion will allow to take corrective actions before the damage becomes more extensive

Check for improper installation and sealing

Improper installation and sealing can lead to water being trapped within your property causing mold and wood rot.

Avoid time consuming & costly repairs

Knowing what issues your synthetic stucco property has will allow you to take action sooner. Avoid very costly repairs to your property.

Identify areas of improvements

The EIFS inspection will help identify areas of improvements for your property.

Take a Look at a Sample Report

Get an idea of the format and items that would be listed under a Roof Inspection.