Commercial Building Inspections

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Purchasing a commercial space is an important investment in your business. Evaluating the different aspects of the commercial space is one of our core services at NextDay Inspect®.

Our inspectors are familiar with inspecting the following commercial property types:

– Office
– Medical
– Retail
– Industrial
– Warehouse 
– Restaurant
– Multifamily
– Apartment Building

Commercial Building Inspection

What Separates Our Inspectors

Our inspectors have received specialized training by InterNACHI’s Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association and the Senior Inspection Team at NextDay Inspect®. This specialized training equips the inspectors at NextDay Inspect® to provide comprehensive commercial inspection services and generate clear and defined commercial inspection reports for clients. Delivering value to commercial inspection clients through knowledge, training and certification.

NextDay Inspect® is proud to be affiliated and certified with CCPIA, Certified Commercial Property Inspector Association. CCPIA is a nonprofit organization, and its members are composed of commercial property inspectors across North America who perform commercial building inspections according to the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties (ComSOP). As members of the CCPIA, we abide by a strict Code of Ethics and Act in Good Faith with the Public.

Certified Commercial Property Inspectors



Commercial Inspector


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What Do Our Inspectors Check

Our inspectors will evaluate all system components of the building or unit. Our inspectors accurately identify all potential issues and pinpoint which ones require immediate action. The inspectors findings are conveyed within a report that is written for easy understanding by the client.

Commercial Office Interior

Interior Spaces.

Our Inspectors will inspect and operate all accessible areas within the interior of the unit or building. This includes the floors, walls, ceilings and any other components that are accessible. We want to make sure your office space will not fail when you need it most, therefore our inspectors take time to make sure that all areas are thoroughly evaluated for proper function and report on any deficiencies observed.

Commercial HVAC Inspection

Heating & Air Conditioning.

The commercial inspector will evaluate the heating and air conditioning system including return ducts at the property. The inspector will evaluate the effectiveness of the system by testing for temperature differentials to ensure that it is operating within the acceptable tolerances.

Commercial Parking Lot Inspection

Exterior Areas.

Our Inspectors are trained to provide a thorough analysis of the commercial properties adequacy for safety aspects. The inspector will report on accessibility and conformity for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Compliance as well as adequacy of parking in relation to the occupancy rating of the building. We go beyond the specifications to ensure our clients receive the most detailed information to protect the safety of their employees and customers at their commercial buildings.

Commercial Plumbing Inspection


We assess all plumbing fixtures for water pressure, drainage issues, and visible leaks. Our inspectors are trained to identify all potential problem areas and pinpoint which ones require attention.

Building Roof Inspection


We assess the condition of different components of the commercial properties roof including proper function, evidence of leakage, missing components, and any worn/damaged components.

Electrical Inspection


We assess the condition of different components of the electrical system, including proper function of the circuit breaker panel, wall outlets throughout the commercial property and proper light operation throughout.

Commercial Inspection Reports

Within 48 hours following the on-site inspection, the commercial building inspector will provide the client with an accurate, easy-to-read professional inspection report outlining the findings and presenting recommendations with the degree of urgency. The report will have annotated digital images to facilitate easy communication and guidance to the areas of concern. Sample commercial building inspection report can be found under the Sample Reports.

NextDay Inspect performs commercial building inspections for many types of clients on different types of properties. Commercial property inspection ranges from property condition assessments (PCAs) in accordance with  American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM E2018-15) to inspections tailored to a client’s specific needs.

Commercial Inspection Reports

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Includes Photographs

Commercial Sample

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