Thermal Imaging

Uncover Problems Not Visible to the Human Eyes

Thermal imaging helps the inspector to uncover problems that aren’t always visible to the human eye. The thermal camera employs a process that translates the heat signature in your home on a gradient scale, ranging from bright red to dark blue. Higher temperatures will translate as red, while darker colors are triggered by lower temperatures in wet areas. Thermal Imaging will uncover:

– Potential Heat Loss Around Walls and Floorings
– Potential Heat Loss at Windows and Doors
– Energy Loss
– Electrical Hot Spots
– Flue Leaks in Chimney
– Locate Wood Destroying Insects
– Detect Moisture Intrusion

Thermal imaging of single-family home

NextDay Inspect Offers Thermal Imaging as an Add-on to Home Inspections 

Thermal image of electrical hotspots

Electrical Hot Spots Detection

Thermal imaging can let you know of any dangerous electrical hot spots in your home. As seen at the image to the right, one of the breakers in the circuit breaker has very high heat. This is due to two wires connected to one breaker. This is a double tapped breaker.

Heat Loss at windows

As shown in this thermal image, there’s a significant heat loss around the windows. This could be a sign of air infiltration in the windows. Heat loss can also occur around the doors as well.

Thermal imaging of window heat loss

Pest Invasion

Thermal Imaging can locate Pests that are in your home. Since they are usually behind your walls, you wouldn’t normally be able to see this.

Thermal imaging of mouse inside home
Thermal image of wall heat loss

Heat Loss Around the Walls/Flooring

You may also have heat loss around your walls/flooring. If there are dark areas around your wall/flooring, that might be an indication of poor insulation in your home.

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