What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

G. Greenwood

Sterling, Virginia

Two guys arrived at our doorstep and I must say they were real gentlemen. They were very kind and polite. They worked efficiently and quietly as they checked each and every corner of the house. They told us the flaws and pointed out what needed to be done to fix the issues. Overall, I am glad I called NextDay Inspect. Now I know what needs fixing, thanks guys!

Dennis McGreary

Reston, Virginia

I sent an email to NextDay Inspect and got a reply the very next day when I received a call from the company’s representative.Now that’s what I call fast service! I told them that I needed to get my shop inspected as I was selling the property and moving to another location. The inspectors arrived the next day, fully equipped and prepared as they were very thorough. The issues they pointed out just blew my mind; I never would have thought there were so many things wrong with the place. They gave me a detailed report, which was easy to understand, and I knew I need to start fixing the place right away.

Thank God I called you guys cause if I didn’t; it would have been tough selling the property. Thank you NextDay Inspect!

PS: Oh and the inspectors were really nice and friendly too! Overall a good experience!

Gregory House

Ashburn, Virginia

I was so worried about what the inspectors would find when I wanted to sell my house because I had never gotten it inspected before. I called NextDay Inspect and started blabbering about my house and thankfully, Dave was nice and calmed me down.He went over the inspection process and told me that the guys will arrive tomorrow. As promised they came the very next day and I was glad to see they had smiles on their face. They got to work immediately and after a couple of hours they had gone through every inch of the house. They completed their report and explained everything there was to know.

Thankfully, there were only minor issues,which was a big relief.All in all, I would highly recommend NextDay Inspect! Awesome and quick inspection service!

Bella Compton

McLean, Virginia

As a homebuyer, I had a great experience with NextDay Inspect. They were professional and the services they provided were timely and friendly. They explained everything there was to know and answered all of our questions. I would Highly RECOMMEND NextDay Inspect to anyone!

Taylor Johnson

Leesburg, Virginia

Oh man! I am so grateful I called NextDay Inspect before buying that place for my new office. The assistance provided by you guys with the detailed information on what is wrong with the place helped us make an informed decision. You guys just saved me from making a huge financial blunder!

Heidi Garland

Vienna, Virginia

A job well done by the inspectors you sent! They were professional, nice and friendly all around. The report was thorough and I did not have any problem in understanding it. A very positive experience with NextDay Inspect.