Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about a home inspector? What type of payments we accept? Cancellation policy? Look through our FAQs, you might find your answer here. For all other questions, please contact our office.

What is a Home or Commercial Building Inspection?

When you choose to have any of your properties inspected, you can expect an objective visual examination of the property. This will include both the physical structure of the building from the foundation to the roof as well as the systems within. 

What Will be Included in a Home or Commercial Inspection Report?

Whenever you choose to have inspection services conducted, you can expect a report that will cover several key components of a building’s structure and systems. Generally, the report will include the condition of the:

  • Heating and Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Interior Plumbing System
  • Electrical System
  • Roof
  • Attic, Including Visible Insulation
  • Structures, Including Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Ceilings, and Doors
  • Foundation
  • Basement
  • Other Structural Components
Why Might I Need a Home or Commercial Property Inspection?

Most often, property inspection services are used for individuals who are looking to either purchase or invest in a residential or commercial property. Due to the large amount of risk involved in making such a purchase, companies like NextDay Inspect provide inspection services that help to identify potential problems and educate you about the structure and systems of a house or other building prior to making a purchase. This provides peace of mind knowing that you aren’t going to face numerous potential issues, many of which can be costly, after purchasing a residential or commercial property. Of course, current property owners also turn to inspections to help identify any existing or potential issues. By doing so, you can make repairs that will help you improve the selling condition of your home or commercial space.

How Much do Property Inspections Typically Cost?

The cost of any property inspection will differ based upon the location, size, age, and other factors specific to your residential or commercial space. Of course, you might also incur additional expenses if you take advantage of other services that some companies have to offer, such as NextDay Inspect’s valuable radon inspection services. However, you shouldn’t let cost be the main determinant in whether or not you have a property inspection completed. Instead, you should seek out a company like NextDay Inspect that delivers budget-friendly solutions for your needs and prompt, friendly service that gives you more value for your property inspection services.

Do I have to be there at the Property Inspection?

No. The client or agent does not have to be there but it is highly recommended. During the inspection, the client or agent can ask the inspector about the property’s condition and defects found during the inspection.

Why Can’t I Conduct an Inspection on My Own?

Many property owners are tempted to conduct inspections on their own, however most lack the expertise and knowledge necessary to properly inspect a property. Engineers from NextDay Inspect are highly trained to evaluate a property’s construction, installation, maintenance, and safety. As a result, only they can properly identify the potential problems that a property might have. Of course, a third-party opinion can also provide the vital information you need to make the right choice about a property you might already have an emotional connection with. By doing so, you can save yourself from investing in a property with potential problems you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Property Need a Home Inspection?

Absolutely. Often, there’s are items that were overlooked by the builder. Our Home inspectors are trained to see what might have been overlooked by the builder. The home inspection report will allow you to have the these items changed or fixed by the builder.

Is it Possible for a Property to Fail Inspection?

It isn’t possible for a property to fail an inspection because the inspection is simply meant to evaluate the current condition of a property. This means that in your report, you can expect information about a property’s physical condition and will identify which structures or systems require either repair or replacement.

How Long Does a Property Inspection Take?

Clients and agents would like to know this since they will need to arrange a time for all involved parties for the inspector to inspect the property. How long a property inspection will take is determined by the size of the property and its type. Contact the office for an estimate of how long the inspection will take.

When is the Right Time to Contact an Inspector?

Often, a property inspection is done right after a contract or purchase agreement is made. It’s vital that this agreement include a clause making final obligation contingent on the home inspection findings because it offers you protection in case major problems are found.

What Should I do if the Report Identifies Problems?

No report will be perfect because no property is without its problems. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t purchase the property either. It should simply serve as a guide regarding where current or potential problems lie and where you might need to make repairs. Additionally, some sellers will make repairs based upon report findings. This means that if you bring your own report to the seller’s attention, you might be able to secure some repairs.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We understand that on a rare occasion there may be special unavoidable circumstances that may prevent you from being able to commit to your scheduled inspection. Therefore, we would like to be as flexible as possible with every customer while allowing other potential customers the opportunity to schedule.

  • Cancellation requests received within 48 hours of the scheduled inspection will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation fee may be  applied towards rescheduling or a new inspection within 30 days.
What Payments do You Accept?

NextDay Inspect® allows a variety of payments. We accept payments by Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit Cards. Make Checks and Money Orders payable to NextDay Inspect. For credit card payments, there is a 3% processing fee.