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Explore our three carefully designed inspection packages, each created to deliver exceptional value and meet a range of needs for our clients.

Home Essentials

  • Includes Home Inspection
  • Repair Estimate Report
  • Permit History Report

Home Advantage

  • All Home Essentials Plus
  • Termite Inspection
  • Home Warranties
  • Home Maintenance Books
Best Value

Home Enhanced

  • All Home Advantage Plus
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Radon Testing
  • Home Essentials Package: This foundational package includes a comprehensive home inspection, a detailed repair estimate report, and a thorough permit history report. It’s perfect for gaining a solid understanding of your property’s current condition and maintenance needs.
  • Home Advantage Package: Building on the Essentials, this package adds a termite inspection, home warranties, and maintenance books. Ideal for homeowners looking for additional peace of mind and insights into long-term property care.
  • Home Enhanced Package: Our most inclusive package features everything in the Advantage package plus thermal imaging and radon testing. This option is designed for those who want the most thorough understanding of their property’s condition, including hidden issues that could impact health and safety.

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Home Essentials Package

Savings up to $35!

Home Advantage Package

Savings up to $75!

Home Enhanced Package

Savings up to $175!