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Foundation and Footing Inspection

A Foundation and Footing Inspection is Phase One of the New Home Construction Process. The property’s foundation is one of the most important aspects of a new home. This is the phase before the concrete is poured for the properties foundation and also called a Pre-Pour Inspection

Why Get A Footing And Foundation Inspection?

You want to get a footing and foundation inspection to make sure your foundation is constructed correctly and is in compliance with building codes and standards. If not checked properly, foundation issues could arise. To prevent any problems that could lead to significant issues with the foundation, getting this inspection is essential.

Pre-pour foundation structure
The Foundation of a Property Before Concrete is Poured

How will This Help me?

A footing and foundation inspection will help make sure there are no issues with your foundation. This will can help prevent foundation issues in the future as once the concrete is poured; it will be challenging to fix any problems with your foundation.

Depth check of footing forms
Checking The Depth of the Footing Forms


  • Number of Stories
  • Type of Exterior Siding
  • A Permit Drawing Must Be On Site For Review by the Inspector or Received From the Client Before Scheduling the Inspection

Our inspector will check these areas during the inspection phase

  • Checking the Width, Depth and Condition of the Footing Forms
  • Waterproofing
  • Undisturbed Soil
  • Minimum Depth
  • Footing
  • Grading
  • Reinforcing Bars
  • Gridline Locations
Foundation framework
The Framework Before Pouring the Concrete
Concrete pouring into foundation
The Concrete Being Poured Into the Property's Foundation

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The other phases in New Construction are Pre-Drywall, Pre-Settlement, and 11th Month Warranty. Learn more about the other phases and how the inspection is conducted for each phase

We Inspect Homes Built By:

And More!

Pre-Drywall Inspection

The Pre-drywall inspection will help look for any deficiencies that otherwise might be overlooked or hard to determine once the drywall goes up.—the Phase after Footing and Foundation

Pre-Settlement Inspection

An inspection will help assist in discovering any defects at the property before settlement—the Phase after Pre-Drywall. ​

11th Month Warranty Inspection

After living in the home for a while, you might notice there are still some issues with the house. An inspection can help get these issues corrected before your builder's 1-year warranty expires—the Phase after Final Walk-Through.