Inspection Services

The NextDay Inspect® inspector will evaluate all structural and system components of the house from bottom to top, from the foundation to the roof.  Our comprehensive inspections will ensure you know what to look out for when buying the new home.

NextDay Inspect® is the leading one-stop solution for commercial property inspections. We provide services for commercial property managers, owners, tenants, investors, and lenders.

NextDay Inspect® inspectors are State Certified New Residential Structures for perform inspections on New Construction properties. We want make sure your new home is safe and stable to move in.

If you are looking to sell your home, then you might want to get a pre-listing inspection. There are many benefits to having a pre-listing inspection such as accurate pricing, and knowledge of current defects or potential defects in your home.

Our InterNACHI certified inspectors are trained to inspect your deck for critical safety features and structural durability. Any potential problems will be noted in the report.

Our inspectors will inspect inside the attic and roof structure of the home. Any potential issues with the roof and/or attic will be noted in the report.

NextDay Inspect® provides thermal imaging as a service to help you uncover potential problems that are not visible by the human eye. We use the latest thermal infrared imaging tool to detect sources of energy loss, pest, etc.

Provided by Porch, we can request to have them send you a repair estimate report. These reports can help move the negotiating process quickly and efficiently. 

A permit history report shows documented work history on the property. Permitted work such as electrical, plumbing, building additions, and mechanical will be noted in the report.

NextDay Inspect® provides annual home maintenance inspections. Every house requires care and regular maintenance, and eventually, some parts of your house might need repairs. Any defects found during the inspection will be noted in the written report.

NextDay Inspect® provides four point inspections. This inspection only covers four areas of interest. These areas are electrical, plumbing, roof, and HVAC. Insurance companies will ask for a four point inspection for properties that are 25+ years old.

NextDay Inspect® provides appliance recall check reports. Our inspectors will take photos of the appliance’s serial number during the home inspection. By using Optical Recognition Software, we will be able to generate a report that lets our client or agent know what appliances have been recalled

NextDay Inspect® provides Baltimore City Rental Inspections. If you are looking to obtain or renew your rental license in Baltimore City, we meet Baltimore City’s requirement to perform the rental inspection for you.

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