Did you schedule a home inspection and want to prepare for it? Need a regular maintenance checklist? Want to polish up your home before selling it? You’ve come to the right page. NextDay Inspect® provides various checklists for you to preview and download.

Home Buyers

Home Inspection Preparations Checklist

If you scheduled a home inspection, there are a few things you’ll need to do to make the home inspection process goes smoothly and efficiently. This checklist will help you prepare for your home inspection.

Home Maintenance Monthly & Annual Checklist

You finally got your home inspection done, and you want to make sure you can maintain your new home properly. Review the checklist below on what you need to check monthly and annually. This will keep your home properly maintained.

Home Maintenance Seasonal Checklist

As the seasons come and go, there are specific maintenance items you need to check for each season. These checklists will help you maintain your home during the four seasons.

Home Sellers

Improve Marketing Checklist

Are you looking to sell your home? We recommend you download this improve marketing checklist to get the most out of your listings. This checklist will help improve the marketing of your house.

Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection​

Are you ready to sell your home? We recommend that you get a pre-listing inspection. There are many benefits to getting a pre-listing inspection, such as improved marketing and smoother negotiations. For more information, check out our Pre-Listing Inspection Page.