Your beautiful new cement driveway – what an investment, and what a welcoming element to the front of your home. Too bad it has rust stains from the clunker car your son is driving…or that old planter or rusty water or the old trailer that was parked there for just a few days.

Rust-removal chemicals available at the hardware or grocery store can help you clean up these stains. Consider Whink brand Rust & Iron Stain Remover.

Rust & Iron Stain Remover and all other rust removers contain strong chemicals, so follow label directions and use eye and skin protection. The Whink product comes as a powder. You mix it with hot water and soak the rust stain. It may take several applications, but eventually, the rust will disappear. A little scrubbing with a stiff brush won’t hurt.

Because Whink’s rust remover will effectively clean the rust and adjacent concrete, you may end up with a lighter spot of concrete around the former stain. This contrast will disappear over time, but if you want to even out the color immediately over the whole driveway, clean it with a pressure washer.