Your washer has always worked well. In fact, it still does, but the cycle time seems to drag on longer and longer. Hard to tell what’s wrong, but you notice the water doesn’t seem to spray into the laundry tub like it used to, and it seems to take longer to fill the tub. Why?

Well, you’ve figured out the problem – low water flow to the washing machine. Low flow means it takes longer for the tub to fill, and cycle times are stretched out.

Quick fix? Take a look at the hot and cold valves connected to the washer hoses. Make sure they are fully open. Next, remove the hoses to the washer and check both ends. This may take a little effort, and you may need to slide the washer forward.


If the hose fittings are tight, be ready with an adjustable jaw pliers to turn them (remember: right is tight). After you remove the hoses, you will likely find a fine screen in the hose washer. The screen traps debris and prevents it from entering the washing machine.

Look for debris in the screen. Rinse and clean the screen at a faucet. Replace the screen if it’s cracked. Also, replace the washer if it’s hard or cracked. Put the washer and screen in place, tighten the fitting, and you are good to go.