Conflict Management/Resolution

We offer Consulting Services

At NextDay Inspect®, we offer conflict management/resolution services or consulting services. If there is a conflict between you and another party due to finding defects/deficiencies that are discovered, but the other party will not remedy, our inspectors act as an expert witness to provide their unbiased opinion, or as an arbitrator to hear and determine disputes.

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Expert Witness report

Expert Witness

Our inspectors can act as expert witness by giving their professional opinion on conflict that arises between two parties for home inspections. The inspector is a neutral third party and has no interest in the outcome of the conflict. For the pricing and other arrangement that needs to be made, please contact our office. 


We offer consulting services as an arbitrator. We may hear testimonies from both parties, review any evidence provided, and determine disputes between both parties. The arbitrator is a neutral party in this conflict and has no interest in the outcome. For pricing and other arrangements that needs to be made, please call or email us the dispute you have with the other party.

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