Flood From the Washer Hose

What is the number one source of water damage inside a home? It’s not tornadoes, rainstorms or hurricanes. It’s a broken washing machine hoses. Left undetected, a broken washer supply hose can quickly flood a home.

Check your washer’s hoses periodically. If there are any signs of bulging or leakage, replace the hoses.

Make sure your washer has heavy, reinforced hoses. The better quality washer hoses are reinforced with braided metal on the outside or inside. In this case, the cost can be an indication of quality, so buy the best hoses you can find and read labels to compare types of construction.

Clothes Washers with Floor Proof Hoses Perform Better

The best washer hose, Watts brand FloodSafe®, shuts off when there is an excessive flow of water. Some systems automatically turn off the water when the washer is off. Check out the designs available from Watts and other manufacturers.

Another option is to turn off the water to the washing machine when it is not in use. This may not be practical if your laundry area has typical plumbing valves, but it’s very easy if you install a special valve that allows you to turn off hot and cold with a flip of a lever.