What is the largest, heaviest moving object in your home? You got it – the garage door. So it makes sense to do frequent safety checks on the door.

First, look for a safety label near the control button or the overhead door. It will tell you how to safely operate the door and test the reverse mechanism.

Second, make sure the control button is mounted at least five feet above the floor or any step. This prevents small children from playing with the door operator.

Third, never allow children to play with the door or the operator.

You should test your operator for reverse and door balance once per month. Follow the specific instructions on your door’s safety label. If you don’t understand these instructions or you don’t have specific instructions for your door, contact a professional door service company.

Lubricating and servicing your door hardware is important — not only to keep it in good working order, but to protect the quality of your garage. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on lubricant and how often they should be applied — most manufacturers recommend once a year. If you notice any problems with your garage door, call a professional as soon as possible to get issues fixed right away.