Home Maintenance Books

Get Two Complimentary Books After a Home Inspection

At NextDay Inspect®, we like to enhance your home inspection experience. As thank you for using our services, we would like to send you two complimentary home maintenance books. These two home maintenance books will provide assistance with various tips and recommendations at your home. Enjoy settling down in your home with the guidance of these free home maintenance books for our valued customers.

Home Maintenance Tips

These home maintenance books will convey the average anticipated lifespan of different components of the home aswell as provide tips on how to to extend the lifespan of various components within the house.

Valued Customers of NextDay Inspect Receive

Home Maintenance Tips

1. Now That You Have Had a Home Inspection Book – Has information and helpful tips for homeowners. Encourages homeowners to take a proactive approach to the maintenance of their home. By InterNACHI. ISBN#: 9780983201830

2. How to Operate Your Home Book – Gives information on how to maintain, and operate your home. Over 300 illustrations that explain the structural, electrical, and mechanical components of your house. ISBN#: 9781942813095