While a squeeky door may have a few advantages – you can tell when the kids come and go – in general, a squeaky door is an annoyance. And if you ignore a squeaky door too long, friction can wear the hinge pin excessively and make the door hard to operate.

The fix is simple. Purchase light lubricating oil in a small can with a drip spout. This allows you to apply just a few drops at a time. The oil may be called 3-in-1 oil or sewing machine oil.

With a small rag or paper towel handy, place few drops of oil atop the tight horizontal pin joint at the hinge. The oil will be drawn into the joints, and you can catch any excessive oil with the rag by wiping the hinge. Repeat on all hinges.

Open and close the door completely a few times to distribute the oil, and take one last swipe at the hinge to ensure that no oil drips on the floor. You should lubricate the hinges about every two years. I like to use the oil in a small can because it’s not messy like a spray lubricant.