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Get Asbestos Testing to Determine Presence of Asbestos

Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring silicates. They have properties that make them useful for insulation or binding materials in buildings. When asbestos becomes damaged or disturbed, the asbestos fibers become airborne and can be inhaled. We provide asbestos testing to determine if a material in your home contains asbestos.

There are six types of asbestos. We test for these six types.

– Chrysotile
– Amosite
– Crocidolite
– Anthophyllite
– Tremolite
– Actinolite

The most commonly used asbestos is Chrysotile, Amosite, and Crocidolite.

asbestos - where it hides

AIB = Asbestos Insulating Board


A. Asbestos Cement Water Tank
B. Pipe Lagging
C. Loose Fill Insulation
D. Textured Decorative Coating. Eg. Artex
E. AIB Ceiling Tiles
F. AIB Bath Panel
G. Toilet Seat and Cistern
H. AIB Behind Fuse Box
I. AIR Airing Cupboard and/or Sprayed Insulation Coating Boiler
J. AIB Partition Wall
K. AIB Interior Window Panel
L. AIB Around Boiler
M. Vinyl Floor Tiles
N. AIB Behind Fire


O. Gutters and Asbestos Cement Downpipes
P. Soffits – AIB or Asbestos Cement
Q. AIB Exterior Window Panel
R. Asbestos Cement Roof
S. Asbestos Cement Panels
T. Roofing Felt

Only One Primary Area of Concern in the Property is Tested for Asbestos. There is an Additional Charge for Each Area Beyond the Primary Area. 

NextDay Inspect Offers Asbestos Testing as an Add-On to Home Inspection Services

Common Materials That Contain Asbestos

Asbestos was very commonly used in the 1900s but became mostly banned in the 1980s. Asbestos is resistant to heat and corrosion, has high tensile strength, and can be divided into fibers. Building materials that are not glass or solid wood may contain asbestos.

Common materials that contain asbestos are insulations, ceiling panels, flooring tiles, exterior stuccos, etc. The only way to find out if the material has asbestos is to test it.

Walls and Ceiling

Product% of AsbestosYears UsedBinderFriable/NonFriable
Sprayed coatingLess than 1 - 951935-1978Portland Cement, Sodium Silicates, Organic BindersYes
Troweled coatingLess than 1 - 951936-1978Portland Cement, Sodium SilicatesYes
Asbestos-Cement Sheet10-501930-presentPortland CementNo
SpackleLess than 1-51930-1978Starch, Casein, Synthetic ResinsYes
Joint CompoundsLess than 1-51945-1977AsphaltYes
Textured PaintsLess than 1-151930-1978NoneYes
Millboard, Rollboard80-851925-1989Starch, Lime, ClayYes
Vinyl Wallpaper6-81930-1980NoneNo
Insulation Board301930-1980SilicatesYes


Product% of AsbestosYears UsedBinderFriable/NonFriable
Vinyl-Asbestos Tile1 - 201950-1980Poly(vinyl) ChlorideNo
Asphalt-Asbestos Tile1 - 201920-1980AsphaltNo
Resilient Sheet Flooring151950-1980Dry OilsNo
Mastic Adhesives2-201945-1980AsphaltYes

Roofing and Siding

Product% of AsbestosYears UsedBinderFriable/NonFriable
Roofing Felts5-401910-PresentAsphaltNo
Roof Felt Shingles1-101971-1974AsphaltYes
Roofing Shingles10-251900s-PresentPortland CementNo
Roofing Tiles10-251930-PresentPortland CementNo
Siding Shingles10-201900s-PresentPortland CementNo
Clapboards10-201944-1945Portland CementNo

Pipers and Boilers

Product% of AsbestosYears UsedBinderFriable/NonFriable
Cement Pipe And Fittings10-251935-presentPortland CementNo
Block Insulation5-401890-1978Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium SilicateYes
Preformed Pipe Wrap30-901926-1975Magnesium Carbonate, Calcium SilicateYes
Corrugated Asbestos Paper30-90 and 35-701935-1980 and 1910-1980Sodium Silicate, StarchYes
Paper Tape30-901901-1980Polymers, Starches, SilicatesYes
Putty (Muddling)20-1001900-1973ClayYes

Asbestos Effect on Health

When asbestos is disturbed or damaged, it releases asbestos fibers that can be easily inhaled. When it is inhaled, asbestos has harmful effects on the human body. It can leave scars in the lung tissues. Being exposed to asbestos for an extended period can lead to lung cancer, disabilities, and even death.

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Six Types of Asbestos



Known as White Asbestos, it is the most commonly used type of asbestos. It has strong heat-resistant properties and can be found in roofs, floors, walls, and ceilings of buildings. It is also used for cars such as brake lines and gaskets.


Rare type of asbestos. Anthophyllite was not very used in products, and it may have a grey, dull green, or white color. Anthophyllite can be found in insulation products and construction materials.​


Known as Brown Asbestos, it is the second most commonly used type of asbestos. It can be found in thermal insulation products, insulation boards, cement, and pipe insulation. Like chrysotile, it is also used in gaskets.​
Tremolite and actinolite


Not very commonly used in products and known to have strong heat-resistant properties. While this may not be used commercially, it can be found as contaminants of Chrysotile Asbestos.


Known as Blue Asbestos, It is less heat-resistant than Chrysotile. When damaged, the fibers are extremely thin, leading to more lung damage than any other asbestos type. Crocidolite is used to insulate steam engines, spray-on coatings, plastic and cement products.


Known as Brown Asbestos, it is the second most commonly used type of asbestos. It can be found in thermal insulation products, insulation boards, cement, and pipe insulation. Like chrysotile, it is also used in gaskets.​

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