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Check Your Duct for Damages, Disconnections, and Dirt

The ductwork system is one of the integral systems in your home. It is the component that is responsible for distributing hot and cold air throughout your home, allowing you to stay comfortable. Your ductwork system and HVAC work together to provide this comfort. If your ductwork is damaged, disconnected, and/or has dirt within, it will lead to costly repairs and discomfort in your home. Since we spend most of our time at home, it is very crucial to be aware of any ductwork issue. We provide ductwork scoping to let you know of any issues that are found within your ductwork.

Ductwork from HVAC system

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What can cause your ductwork to work inefficiently?

There are many reasons why your ductwork could be working inefficiently. Generally, the most common reasons, are dirt, dents, holes, or disconnections. Each of these defects will have varying impacts on your comfortability, health, and money. Getting ductwork scoping will allow you to prevent much a greater problem arising in the future since you will able to take the necessary course of action to prevent those issues.

What are the effects of having dirt in your ductwork system?

It is important that you keep your ductwork system maintained and cleaned. Just as with all parts of the home, your ductwork system needs regular maintenance. Without cleaning your ductwork system, you will have dirt building up, which will results in…

  • Decreased Air Quality of Your Home
      • This results in varying health issues such as colds, coughing, and allergies.
  • HVAC System Inefficiency
      • Dirt, dust, and other particles will cause your HVAC systems to work longer which will lead to your HVAC system wearing out sooner than expected.
  • Stained Carpet
      • The black line along the edge of your carpet is the result of filtration soiling. Air is being forced into a room or space at a higher rate than it can escape. The air looks for alternative escape routes and will end up in the gap between the carpet and wall trims under closed doors.
Dirty ductwork

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Basement ductwork

What are the effects of Damages in your ductwork system

Being aware of any damages to your ductwork system will allow you to take early actions and prevent larger issues from occurring. Your ductwork can be damaged by pests, severe storms, lack of cleaning, and improper installation if the ductwork is new. Damage to your ductwork will result in…

  • Reduced Cross Sections
      • Due to the imbalanced airflow, it will result in some rooms being cooled or heated differently.
  • Moisture Buildup
      • Since air is flowing into one area, it will result in moisture being built up, which promotes mold growth, contamination, and rusting.
  • Increased Noise
      • Your cooling or HVAC system  will make more noise since those systems are struggling to reach the desired temperatures.

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Holes and Disconnections in Your Ductwork.

Because your ductwork is mostly hidden behind drywall, it is very hard to tell if you have a disconnect or holes in your system. Holes and Disconnection will result in…

  • Decreased Comfortability
      • The rooms in your home will not be cooled or heated properly. You will also experience uneven temperature changes.
  • Increased Utility Bills
      • You will be spending more money per month because your HVAC will work longer to make sure your rooms have the desired temperatures.
  • HVAC System Breaking Down Sooner
      • The rooms are not reaching the desired temperature that you set, therefore your HVAC system will wear down faster for working longer.
  • Air Leakage
      • Loss of cooled and heated air. Severe loss of air pressure in the ducts
  • Moisture Buildup
      • Moisture can enter through the airducts through holes and leaks. Letting the moisture build up will cause potential mold growth and contamination.
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