Porch Home Assistant

Porch Home Assistant Gold

As a thank you for using our inspection services, we provide our clients with Porch Home Assistant, We are partnered with Porch to provide this service for you for free!

Free For Our Clients

This is typically a $350/year value. We are partnered with Porch to provide you with a personal home assistant for free. Get the help you need for projects you may have for your home!

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What to Expect from Porch Home Assistant Gold

Home Assistant Support


Help Move Into Your Home

After your home inspection, your personal Home Assistant will contact you to help with your move-in needs

Home Assistant Scheduling services

Scheduling Services

Scheduling Assistance

Your Home Assistant schedules services for all items on your repair list

Home Assisstant 24/7 Service

24/7 Support

Ongoing Support

Your Home Assistant is there for you any time you need to get maintenance done on your new home.

Porch Home Assistance Helps Tackle Your Move-In Checklist

  • Hire Movers – Make the moving-in process seamless
  • Re-Key Locks – Maintain key control
  • Add Security – Protect your home with a new security system
  • Set Up Cable and Internet – Have it ready on the day of move-in
  • Hang a TV – Have it wall mounted in your new place
  • Update homeowners insurance – Get the best rates for your home insurance
  • Schedule any repairs – Fix any issues that needs repairs in your new home
  • Schedule any improvements – Improve any aspects of your new home.
Move-in checklist