So you’ve got an unsightly oil stain on the driveway. Maybe it came from an old clunker parked there by family or friends. It could be a drip from your latest barbecue or a remnant from the windy day when the garbage can tip over and left a greasy smudge. In any case, you want that oil stain is gone.

For a concrete or asphalt driveway, the fix is pretty simple. Purchase some Mex All-Purpose Cleaner or TSP substitute at the local hardware store. These powdered detergents are powerful and do an excellent job of removing oil stains.

Following label directions, mix a strong solution with very hot water. Wearing gloves and eye protection, scrub the spot with the hot detergent solution and a stiff brush. Scrub and soak, scrub and soak several times. Then scrub the area around the stain to blend into the surrounding surface. Rinse well with a strong blast from the garden hose.

Stubborn stains may require a second treatment. Eventually, sunlight and weather will even out the color of the pavement. If you end up with a light spot where you were scrubbing, you may need to scrub the entire drive to even out the color.