What harm could a thin crack possibly do to my home?

This is the common attitude of homeowners when they spot cracks running across the walls, roof, or ceiling of their home. What they don’t realize is that a crack could be the first symptom of a major issue. Now, you might start wondering ‘what does the crack in my house mean?’

This is exactly what we are going to tell you. Generally, there are three types of cracks. Let’s go over each and understand what they could mean for the health of your home.


99% of the times, diagonal cracks are symptomatic of a structural issue. Diagonal cracks generally make their way through the material the structure is made from. The good thing is the cause of these cracks is generally easy to identify.


Vertical cracks can be tricky. They can be structural related but at the same time be caused by contraction of the material used for construction. Hence, they are less dangerous than diagonal cracks but you should call in a professional to inspect as soon as you spot one.


Horizontal cracks are generally caused by structural problems as well, the difference being they don’t indicate the imminent collapse of the structure.
So, identify the type of crack and you will get an idea of the extent of the damage. To ensure your home is safe and the problem diagnosed perfectly, call in a professional to inspect the crack without delay.