What would you do in the event of fire? How would you react? These are some important questions you need to ask yourself. According to statistics, only 23% of families in the US know the answers to these questions, which is pretty low considering the remaining 77% have little to no idea what to do in the event of fire.

House that has caught on fire.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind for when the fire alarm goes off:

Develop an Escape Plan

What if the alarm sounded in the middle of the night? What would you do? What if there are elderly persons and children in the house? Does everyone know where the fire extinguishers are? Do they know where to escape from?

Knowing exactly what to do in case of a fire is important. The most important thing to do is to practice your escape plan and teach it to anyone who is living in your house. They should know what they need to do in case of a fire and how to react in a real emergency scenario.

As mentioned earlier, only 23% of Americans have a developed fire escape plan. This is a disturbing figure as the remaining 77% have no idea as to what to do in case the fire alarm goes off.

Be Prepared

Being prepared can save lives. All family members, regardless of age, should be informed and practice the escape plan in case of fire. The best way to prepare for facing this devastating danger is prevention, but in the event it does happen, it is most important to know how to escape.

Here are some tips to avoid and manage the danger of a fire in your home:

Stay Safe

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