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Our team is committed to providing you the highest level of quality and service that you deserve.
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Our Priority is the Safety of Your Family & Home
Home Inspectors are trained to identify safety hazards throughout the interior and exterior of the home.
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Pre-Drywall Inspections
Home Inspectors will look for defects that may not be easily visible in new construction homes.
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Commercial Inspections
Home Inspectors are specialized and trained in evaluating commercial properties for safety concerns and latent defects.
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Trained and Licensed Professionals
Home Inspectors are licensed and highly trained to provide excellent quality inspections for our valued clients.
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We Offer Superior Inspection Services

Dedication Inspection Team

We offer top-notch inspection services with a dedicated team of inspectors who are licensed and trained to give you the best service possible.

Our team of inspectors take pride in their work and have the experience to provide you with the best possible inspection for any job. Contact us today for more information or to schedule.

Focus Areas

Our inspection includes a comprehensive evaluation of the interior and exterior of the home, from the foundation to the ridge. 

Roof & Attic

Our inspectors are trained to look closely at the roof and attic condition to identify any problem areas. Using an Eye Stick with GoPro Camera, our inspectors are able to safely inspect steep roofs with high elevation. 

Foundation & Grading

Our inspectors are trained to look closely at the foundation and grading at the home to identify any concern areas that can lead to moisture penetration and mold growth. 

Mechanical Systems

Our inspectors thoroughly evaluate all mechanical systems in the home including the Electrical Panel, HVAC, and Water Heater. 

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What Makes Us Unique

Home inspectors at NextDay Inspect® are licensed by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) for VA property inspections and the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) for MD property inspections. Upon completing the on-site inspection the inspector will prepare a report, including annotated pictures and videos taken at the property, and arrows with commentary detailing the areas of concerns.

Our goal is to protect our clients’ interests by providing a thorough and detailed inspection of the property. Safeguarding our clients’ investment is our priority. We provide Residential Home Inspections, Commercial Building Inspections, Pre-Drywall Inspections, Radon Gas Testing, Air Quality, Electromagnetic Field Testing, and Mold Sampling.

We are passionate about educating our clients. We can help you at your home by inspecting it for potential problems and providing guidance on how to take care of it. Watch our video library to learn more about the ways we can help you at your home!

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Property Inspection Services

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Environmental Testing Services

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Residential & Commercial Inspections

Explore The Home Inspection Reports

The reports will include:

  1. Descriptions of various systems and components of the property
  2. Condition of the various systems and components of the property
  3. The implication of the defective condition
  4. Recommendation to the client addressing the defects


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Home Warranties Available For Purchase. Receive Over $12,000 in Warranty Coverage​

Platinum Roof Protection Plan (5 Years)

For a period of 5 years following the home inspection, this warranty protects against new leaks in the roof of the home. After deductible, repair costs are covered up to $3,000.

90-Day Warranty

You need more than just a home inspection, you need the professionals that you can depend on even after the job is done. That’s why we back all of our inspections with a 90-day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty. Structural coverage up to $2,000 and Mechanical coverage up to $500.


We offer way more than just a home inspection! If mold is found in your home, that was not present at the time of inspection, you are covered for remediation up to $2,000.


We have Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard – the world leader in underground repair coverage. Buy with confidence and worry less knowing that main water and sewer collapses and breaks are covered, up to $4,000.

Porch 90 Day Inspection Guarantee

Porch 90 Day Inspection Guarantee

If an inspector performs a full home inspection for you in compliance with the inspector’s designated standards of practice, and you later find a deficiency that was required to be inspected and is not in the original home inspection report, then Porch will reimburse you as described below, up to the cost of the inspection fee ($1000 maximum).

Warranties Provide Coverage for 90 Days after the Home Inspection or 22 Days After Closing, whichever Comes Later

we will assist you During & After The Home Inspection

We provide assistance to our clients after the home inspection is complete. Home maintenance books and home warranties are available for purchase. We have a dedicated staff to answer your questions.

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Licensed & Highly Trained Inspectors

Our inspectors licensed and highly trained to provide specialized services.


Certified Roof Inspector

InterNachi Residential Property Inspector


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Certified Structure & Foundation Inspection


Certified Structure & Foundation Inspector

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