Foundation Problems? Check Your Gutters

In homes with basements and crawl spaces, we always need to be concerned with water flow from the roof. An overflowing gutter will dump water next to the foundation and create a water leak into the crawl space or basement. In homes with concrete slabs, the water next to the foundation can cause movement and […]

Remove Oil Stains from Your Driveway

Remove Oil Stains From Your Driveway So you’ve got an unsightly oil stain on the driveway. Maybe it came from an old clunker parked there by family or friends. It could be a drip from your latest barbecue or a remnant from the windy day when the garbage can tip over and left a greasy […]

Paint That Metal Railing

You love the metal wrought-iron railing at the front of your home. It adds character and appeal to the entrance. What you don’t love is the rust on the rail and the brown rust stains on the concrete. Don’t fret. There’s a simple fix. Go to the hardware store and buy exterior metal primer and […]

Clean Those Ugly Rust Stains on the Driveway

Your beautiful new cement driveway – what an investment, and what a welcoming element to the front of your home. Too bad it has rust stains from the clunker car your son is driving…or that old planter or rusty water or the old trailer that was parked there for just a few days. Rust-removal chemicals […]

Why Should You Seal Exterior Concrete?

In most climates, you don’t ever need to seal exterior concrete drives and walks. But there are advantages to using a good sealer, and in the long run, you can save money and keep the concrete looking like new. In northern climates, snow-melting chemicals and freeze-and-thaw cycles can damage the concrete. Salt penetrates the surface […]

Wash Siding – Work Up

All types of siding eventually accumulate dirt and grime, maybe even some mildew. It might make you think you need to paint the siding. But that’s not so. Often, it’s easy to wash dirt from the surface of the underlying finish is in good shape. Some professionals use a pressure washer on siding, but that […]

An Easy Fix for a Nasty Water Problem

Water, water, and water – the three most damaging elements to a home. Water at or below ground level leaks in moves under, and pushes through to damage your home. It is vital to keep water away from your foundation. That’s true whether your home is built on a slab or has crawl spaces or […]

My Concrete Has Cracked

You know the old saying: two things in life are certain – death and taxes. Well, I can add a third certainty to the mix: all poured concrete will crack. Concrete shrinks about 5/8 inch in 100 feet of length. And that’s assuming the concrete is formulated correctly, placed, and cured under the right temperature […]

Get Smart About Exterior Electrical Safety

You have heard about how dangerous high-voltage electrical wires can be: never touch a downed wire…storms can damage wires and so on. But what about the wires feeding your home? They can be dangerous too. For residential electrical feeds, the wiring is generally 240 volt without overload protection – which means no circuit breaker will […]

The Patio Screen Door is Stuck

Sticking, rubbing, cheap, nasty, impossible patio screen door! Well, the door takes a beating, and most patio screen doors are not the highest quality. But often there is a fix. Most sliding patio screen doors can be unstuck with a little maintenance. First, look at the lower track. Clean it with detergent and water or […]